The Breakfast Business Forum is the events management arm of Independent Business Advisors – Thames Valley, the largest groupings of independent advisors in the region.

The Breakfast Business Forum provides lively and informative executive level briefings for all businesses large or small in the Thames Valley.

Our breakfast meetings are not primarily focused on networking; nor are they a platform for a sales pitch. We select a relevant topic and then sponsor highly relevant independent speakers who are able to inform and educate. You would often have to pay 10-20 times as much to hear some of our speakers at their own events.

The breakfast setting creates a positive feeling of an “early start” to the day and does allow you to meet others with the same issues.

About our sponsors

Independent Business Advisors – Thames Valley
IBATV are of group of highly experienced, independent advisors, each of whom offers expertise in one or more key business area. The IBATV gives our committed advisors a structure, a Code of Practice, shared resources and access to mutual support.


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