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The Technical Direcor of TripleIC Ltd. Tony is instrumental in the design and operation of the company's Customer Engagement Measurement tools. He combines extensive experience of software design and build with a marketing specialism to great effect. To find out more about how to make Customer Engagement and its measurement work for your business follow this link to =>> and see how he can help your business forward.

Getting Top Value When Selling A Business?

Realising Value. I’m sure that you find that’s what you seek when you are considering setting up your company for sale. All businesses are up for sale, whether now or in the future. It is in helping to build, and … Continue reading

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Mis-measuring Customer Engagement

One of the big issues involved in coming to grips with improving Customer Engagement in your company is the difficulty of measuring it in the first place. This has been clearly highlighted by the Economist Intelligence Unit report where a … Continue reading

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Whose Team Do Your Employees Play For?

Do you sometimes wonder, after one of ‘those’ meetings, whether your business colleagues are ‘playing for the same team’? Well, you are not alone. And the problem is serious. You may have read, or at least heard about, Steven Covey’s … Continue reading

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What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement is a bit like beauty. You can tell when someone or something has it, but it is still very difficult to describe, and almost impossible to measure. But this is business, and Customer Engagement is an important business … Continue reading

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Why Do Clever Sales Managers Loose So Many Customers?

At a time when many businesses are fighting to keep themselves running why is it that so many customers are expensively ‘lost’ each year? This thought is prompted by the recent study completed by Professor Merlin Stone of Oxford Brookes … Continue reading

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